Bathroom Remodeling

Making your dream Bathroom a reality is one of the goals of TCWRC Contractors. - making that dream a smooth transformation and affordable is the other. It's easy enough to make do with what we have, but there comes a time when all of us want to make our older worn down bathroom look new again. Whatever your dream, whatever your vision, TCWRC General Contractors can make that dream come true.

Practical Tips on Bathroom Remodeling. A Bathroom is a place where you freshen up yourself to move around portions of your house. The bathroom occupies the most important priority in the dwelling place. So, it is the primary duty of every house owner to keep it fit and suitable for human use.


-In Case of Cold Showers

-In Case of Continuous Cooling

-To Minimize Water Bills

-To make it More User Friendly

-Steps for bathroom remodeling


Better ventilation is the primary requisite of a good bathroom. Poor ventilation is responsible for many headaches. It can lead to the premature wear and tear of building materials. The air in the bathroom should not be static. There should be a continuous exchange of fresh air which will drive away the stagnant bad odour and make the bathroom fresh and clean. For this purpose, a brand new fan, costing only $380 can be fixed in the bathroom.

In Case of Cold Showers

If your shower takes time to get heated, your hot water heater is used for a long period. You will be irritated to use the cold water early in the morning.

In Case of Continuous Cooling

If your body is cool, before, during or after a shower, you have to supplement the heating. If you maintain a single heat source in the bathroom, it will generate additional warmth so as to make you enjoy a more pleasant experience. An electric heater on the wall will cost you $100 max.

Radiant Floor Heating

It is an essential requirement for bathroom remodeling. You can even walk barefoot. According to Department of Energy (EERE) Consumers Guide, radiant heating is more efficient than baseboard heating and force-air heating.

To Minimize Water Bills

You have to upgrade the fixtures and stop leakages. Water consumption has to be regulated. By installing more efficient water fixtures and by conducting periodic checks, you can reduce water bill.

To make it More User Friendly

You may require an outlet to be installed. Unlike the bathrooms of the bygone era which often lacks in electricity domain, the present day bathrooms need some extra plugs and sockets. The electrification expenses for this purpose will prove to be a worthy investment.

Bathroom remodeling may turn out to be an enjoyable engagement provided you employ modern tips. Remodeling resources available online and through special software will prompt you to accept this challenge as a creative past time and not something as a tiresome botheration. Apart from technical factors needed for bathroom remodeling basic structural designing assumes significance. If you happen to see the remodeling snaps available online, you may develop an idea that it takes a heavy fortune to venture into remodeling. The answer is an emphatic “no”. The expenditure will be favorable to your budget.

Steps for bathroom remodeling

Arrange a bathroom shelf on one of the walls to display bathroom pictures or collection items.

Use antique bowls and parts to keep tiny pleasant-flavored soaps.

Arrange a wall light or a low voltage chain of lights along the tiles of the wall to provide a pleasant feeling.

If there is sufficient space, you can keep a wicker chair or a table for displaying bathroom plants.

You can color wash or wood stain cabinets in the bathroom.

Mirrors can be arranged on one of the walls. Bathroom mirrors of different sizes and makes can be used.

Venture into a creative mode. Tiles can be of various sizes and shapes. You can have a tiles mosaic on one of the walls, attach a mirror with an arched frame, place vases full of flowers and greens, fix candle-holders in the walls, keep an antique lamp on the countertop, paint mild, light colors in tune with your aesthetic sensibilities and cultural identities.

Your bathroom remodeling will be an inspiration for your happy and peaceful life thereafter. So, enter the arena of refashioning of your bathroom and get fun and pleasure out of it.

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Bathroom Remodeling

Practical Tips on Bathroom Remodeling. A Bathroom is a place where you freshen up yourself to move around portions of your house.
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